What is the link shortened?


You have a very long and hard-to-remember link, it looks confusing and unfriendly when you want to share that link for 1 person, you can shorten it by shortening the link to bring it to share. You will need to shorten it through a site to shorten the link, VNDFREE is 1 page like that.

Example of a shortened link Original link: Link after shortening:  


Thus, by shortening the link we have converted from an original original path into a shorter, more compact path. The effect of doing this is to make the path more beautiful and professional. In addition, you can earn extra income from people clicking on your shortened link, a couple of jobs, and no crime. do. 

Why do we pay for your shortened link?


When you shorten the link at VNDFREE or any other shortened link making site, there will be ads displayed about 10 seconds before you are moved to the original link, we receive income from advertising and sharing. % of the revenue from that ad for you, the shortened link sites they usually rate% for publishers only about 40% of their income, at VNDFREE, we share up to 80% of income back to Publisher at Vietnam market with rate of up to 5.8 $ / 1000 view compared to 2.8 $ / 1000 view of shortened other money making sites.


Will it make a lot of money from shortening the link?


This entirely depends on your hard work and attitude, we have been paying $ for publishers who have income up to nearly $ 100 (VND 2 million / day) with VNDFREE


How to make a lot of money?

The first is that you need to be very diligent in the beginning.
Secondly, you need to work seriously and consider it a profession to support your life so that you can realize and plan your development plans so that you can get a lot of money.
Some directions suggest you: create a Youtube channel to share and shorten the link in the description, make a website or blog to share the link, create a facebook fanpage to share ..
The most clicked shortened links are according to VNDFREE statistics: games, software, ebook documents, movies .. 
Is it reputable? 
Obviously, every job has a good person with bad guys, there is no one thing that is certain, you can only judge a relative way through the attitude in the way of working in each shortened site, please Feel it at VNDFREE and compare it with other shortened sites: we share the highest revenue in the market, site stability, how to coordinate ads, member support, fast payment in within 15 minutes - you can consult all publishers who have earned money from VNDFREE through our Facebook group
Hopefully after reading what we have shared, we can work together in a long term with the criteria: mutual benefit, help each other grow.
Best regards.
Published on: 7/7/19, 7:14 AM
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